1.  Do you offer financing?
    Yes, click on the finance tab on our home page.  Fill in all of the reqested information and you will usually get an answer within the hour.  You should also consider and to compare terms and rates.

2.  Do you take trades?
       Yes we take high quality classic cars and trucks on trade.  We do not take project cars, motorcycles, RV, or late model vehicles on trade.  We will consider modern muscle cars like Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, Vipers, Prowlers, SSR's and Challengers.  We do this on a limited basis.  They must be in excellent condition, clear car fax, clear title, and low mileage.  Please  e-mail photos, description, and asking price to

3.  Do you buy cars?
    Yes, we buy quality fully restored classic cars and trucks.  They must be the type of vehicle that we have experience selling at a price where we can advance it from.  We do not buy project cars, motorcycles, boats, or RV's.

4.  Do you hold cars without a deposit? 
     No,  We require a minimum $1000.00 deposit for each sale.  If you call on a car and do not put down a deposit the car is still for sale until some one does.

5.   What is "mileage exempt"
     All cars over 10 years old will be sold as miles exempt per Texas state law.  There are no exceptions.  If you see mileage quoted in our ad it is simply the mileage show currently on the odometer.  If we have any documentation to back up the true mileage it will be provided to you.

6.  Can you save me money on shipping?
    Yes, we are a shipping broker with a network of prescreaned, insured, enclosed, proffesional carriers.  We also have international shipping on a case by case business.  Please e-mail you zip code for a free shipping quote.  We generally save our clients between $.15-.25 per mile.

7.  Do you install AC/heat systems.
    Yes, we are a Vintage Air dealer and frequently install AC.  Parts and labor general run between $2500.00 to $3000.00 unless we have to custom make vents, brackets, or pulleys. 

8.  Do you convert old AC systems to R134?
   Yes, we have this down to a science and do it frequently.  It is usually part of our general service.  It helps with future service near our customers area.

9.  Do you offer custom wheel and tire packages?
   Yes, we can get you just about anything you want.  A large percentage of our vehicles have custom wheels already.  We only do this for our customers.

10.  Do you offer collector car insurance?
    Yes, we are affiliated with Hagerty and Grundy.  Two of the best in the business.  There are several agencies now handling classics so shop and compare.